Tornano gli eroi del Lock'n'Loll!!! 




Guitar Wolf Biography 1987 Foundation 1991 Toru joins Guitar Wolf and the 3 wolves (Seiji, Billy, and Toru) have been sticking together up to now. The band starts to play at the event, “Back from the Grave” by Daddy-o-Nov. They record a song for the compilation album from Tokuma Japan along with the 5678s and some other bands. 1992 They record a song for the compilation album, “TVVA” from an indie label, Less Than TV. 1993 Guitar Wolf plays in the U.S. for the first time. During the tour, they are invited to perform at “Garage Shock” by Estrus Records. They release their first album “Wolf Rock” from Goner Records, which is owned by the Oblivians. 1994 Their second album, “Run Wolf Run” is released from Less Than TV. They appear on the front cover of the American Magazine, “Maximum Rock ‘n Roll.” 1996 Their third album, “Missile Me” is released. The album is also released in the U.S. and Europe from NY based indie label, Matador Records. 1997 Guitar Wolf launches their 34-date U.S. tour. The tour culminates at the Matador Night, “SXSW 1997” in Texas. They also play at some clubs in London and Germany along with the Jon Spensor Blues Explosion. After the rush of the record company, they are signed with the major label, Ki/oon Sony Records and release their first album from Ki/oon Sony Records, “Planet of the Wolves.” To support the release, they head for “Invader Tour.” They also tour in the U.S. as a support act of the Cramps in 31 cities. 1998 *January They tour shortly with Memphis based buddies, the Oblivians in Japan. *April 1st The single, “Kaminari One” is released and the band set out on a world tour called “Kaminari Tour,” which includes 12 shows in Japan, and the first European tour (16 shows). Almost all shows are sold out. *June They support the Cramps’ Japan tour. *July They launch their 24-shows America tour. Just after they get back, they perform at the Fuji Rock Festival. *September They support the Woggles’ Japan tour. They also appear on the radio program, “Live Beat” on NHK-FM. *November 21 The maxi-single, “Kan-Nana Fever” is released. *November 28 They play at “Ebisu-Dynamite”, along with Thee Michelle Gun Elephant and some other bands. The show is sold out. 1999 The second album from Ki/oon Sony, “Jet Generation” is released and is followed by “Bakuon Tour 1999” in Japan (25 shows). *May They support Makers’ Japan tour. *June 21st They tour in Australia and New Zealand to conquer the 5 continents. *Summer They perform at many festivals such as: “Out of Hell”, “Rushball ‘99”, “Ongaku-to-Higetachi ‘99”, “Rising Sun Rock Festival 1999 in Ezo” and others. *August 28 The band makes their film debut with an appearance in Mr. Tetsuro Takeuchi’s “Wild Zero” movie as a rock n’ roll hero. Mr. Takeuchi directs the film for the first time. *September Guitar Wolf gives a stunning performance at Hibiya Yagai Ongakudo, the outdoor stadium in the downtown of Tokyo. Tokyo is blown away. They also embark on their 13th American tour, which includes Matador Records’ 10th Anniversary Show. It takes 28 shows in 6 weeks. 2000 The maxi single, “Godspeed You”, and third album from Ki/oon Sony, “Rock n’ Roll Etiquette” are released and are followed by “Rock n’ roll Etiquette Tour 2000” (44 shows in 38 cities). They also perform at many rock festivals such as “Big Rumble”, “Rock Monster Festival”, “London Night Special”, “Rush ball”, “Rock n’ Roll Summit”, and others. They also play at the 10th anniversary show of “London Night” in December. 2001 *January They appear on “Hey Hey Hey” on Fuji Television. They also have a short tour in Tokyo and suburbs. *April The maxi single, “I Love You, OK” is released. *July They suppose to perform at “Contact 2001 Korea-Japan Live Project” in Korea; however, it is canceled due to the schoolbook dispute between Japan and Korea. *Summer They play at many rock festivals such as ”Out of Hell Vol.2 “,” Hot Rocks 01”, “Rock in Japan Festival”,” Rising Sun Rock Festival 2001 in Ezo “,” Black List 010”, “Rock Japanese”, and “Go-Go Nite”. *October They perform at “Rock of Ages 01”, the 10th anniversary show of the club Shelter in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo. *November They launch tours in Brazil and the U.S. (5 gigs in 10days). 2002 *January They have a short Japan tour with the Zodiac Killers from San Francisco. *March 6th 4th album from the major label, “UFO Romantics” is released and is followed by “Hinotama Tour 2002” in 36 cities. *June They tour in Okinawa and Amami Islands for the first time. *July They perform at “Senmaya Yagai Bakuon Event” in Senmaya, Iwate. A young man in town offer the show. *August They perform at “Rock in Japan Festival 2002”, in front of 35,000 people. Also, they perform at “Rock n’ Roll Summit,” which is sponsored by Fuji Television. *September They play at “Tsuru Rock Fes. 02,” which is sponsored by TFM. *October They play at “Boro Festa. 02” at Kyoto University and at “Music Drive” in Sasebo. *November “UFO Romantics” is released from Skydog, an old French punk label. To support the release, they tour across European countries which include: France, Belgium, Holland, Spain, and Switzerland. Almost all gigs are sold out. *December They have a short Japan tour with Brazilian band, Autoramas. The DVD “Red Idol” is released. The DVD features much live footage. 2003 *February “UFO Romantics” is released from Narnack Records, USA and is followed by a short tour in the U.S. (8 shows in 6 cities). *June They support the D4’s Japan tour as a secret guest. *August They perform at the Fuji Rock Festival. Even though it is early in the morning, the white stage field is packed with so many fans. They also play at “Rising Sun Rock Festival 03.” Seiji supervises the compilation album of Joan Jett, which is only released in Japan. The band also supports her Japan tour. In November, they tour across Argentina, Brazil, and the U.S. It is their first time to visit Argentina, however, 800 fans come to see their live performance. All shows in Brazil are sold out. They have signed with “Monstro Disco” in Brazil, and the label releases “UFO Romantics.” They play at a New-Year-countdown show at Mitsui Greenland in Kumamoto. Currently, Guitar Wolf is recording their own CD which is to be released in summer. Guitar Wolf is the most important jett rock n’ roll band on this planet. Since 2005 and the Death of Billy, Guitar Wolf has toured in Europe to support the album Dead Rock in 2007. Seiji had 2 times surgery for his knee.