Torna con nuovo disco la leggendaria band capitanata da Jim Jones!

Ven 29/06/2018 FESTIVAL BEAT #26, Salsomaggiore Terme, Parma link




“Thee Hypnotics care only for their own generic past and frenetic present. The future doesn’t even get a look in... Forget regression, this is reincarnation! Past, present and future! (Melody Maker 1989 )
The music is moody, dark and dense, prone to working up to an intense pitch and then sliding back down again to catch its breath before plunging into some other shadowy area. It’s a sonic amalgam that’s both easy and dif cult to de ne -- there’s so much tucked into the music that one becomes reluctant to try a single pigeonhole. (All music)
The Hypnotics were a real Rock And Roll band, hell bent on carving their names on to the map of history with great songs and willing to put their lives on the line.